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Способы приготовления порошков цинкового сплава с точно заданным количеством алюминия для повышения эффективности производства батареек

Номер профиля: ТЗ-139
Аннотация запроса
A Brussels based multinational, active in the consumer goods sector, would like to develop a methodology for adding and regulating aluminum in molten zinc processes. The goal is to modify an existing production system at the lowest possible cost to obtain a consistent product with minimal waste. Partners with existing knowledge and test/simulation capabilities are preferred. Should further research be necessary, favored proposals will have a 0-2 year timeline.
Описание запроса
Zinc powder is commonly used in the anode of traditional alkaline manganese batteries. It is typically manufactured from molten zinc alloys which are atomized by one of several standard methods.

There are many nuances in the fabrication of high performance alkaline batteries, most of which are beyond the scope of this request. On the anode side, one preferred approach is to alloy the zinc with small amounts of elements such as indium, bismuth, calcium and aluminum. The addition of the last can be problematic. Bulk alloys of the desired composition can be easily obtained, but most of the aluminum is lost during melt processing.

The current process begins with the melting of zinc metal in an induction furnace. Ingots of starting material are added continuously via a robotic arm. The molten zinc overflows the furnace into a “launder”. It then traverses the launder and cascades into a tundish or collection vessel. All of this is done in open air. The metal exits the tundish via a nozzle leading into an atomization chamber.

Preliminary experiments have examined the addition of aluminum to the original ingot, the molten zinc in the furnace, and to the melt in the tundish. In all cases a major portion of the aluminum ends up as Al2O3 in the “dross” on the surface of the alloy. Most of the dross collects at the top of the tundish. Handling large volumes of dross is an issue and maintaining a consistent and acceptable level of alloy in the product alloy particles is difficult. Attempts to limit the contact between molten alloy and air by flooding with a blanket of argon or nitrogen have either been only partially successful or prohibitively expensive.

Zinc alloy powders containing 25-50 ppm Al are commercially known. It is recognized that the atomization process may have been different in such cases, but there are commonalities in the issues. As a consequence, the multinational is interested in partnering with knowledgeable partners to learn how they solved this problem in order to adapt the procedure to the existing equipment.
Технические спецификации/Особые технические требования запроса
The multinational seeks external partners with hands-on experience in the preparation of homogeneous zinc alloy powders with small, controlled amounts of aluminum (< 100 ppm).

Preferred partners will deliver one or more of the following:

• Data showing that it is possible to prepare zinc alloy powders with 30-50 ppm of aluminum via spinning cup or air atomization (i.e. evidence of prior success)
• Proposal(s) on materials and/or process modifications that will enable the achievement of the above objective on the existing equipment of the multinational.

Acceptable solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

• Addition of the Al at any point in the process, e.g. furnace (preferred), launder, tundish or other location
• Modification of the melt handling system to reduce or eliminate contact time between atmosphere and molten alloy to minimize oxidation and dross formation while still giving sufficient mix time so that the alloy powder has a uniform composition
• Means of blanketing or preventing air contact with the molten alloy as it moves from the furnace to the tundish
• Additives or procedures that will prevent the oxidation of Al even when the molten alloy is exposed to air
• Other approaches to combine Al with Zn to generate the desired end product

An additional desired outcome (though not required) would be a method to enable in-situ measurements of the Al content in the alloy at concentrations ranging from 0-100 ppm and a precision of +/- 20 ppm.

Partners will be chosen based on the prior results that are presented and analysis of the proposed approach toward delivering:

• Zinc alloy powder with the desired composition between 0-100 ppm (measured in the finished powder via ICP)
• Precision in the targeted composition of +/- 10 ppm Al
• Powder alloy process that reduces the amount of Al lost to the dross compared to the existing method (about 30% of the melt volume ends in the dross)

• Preference will be given to solutions with the most favorable impact on cost

If needed, the multinational is ready to run trials of materials/technologies on its existing production equipment to validate concepts.
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Физика твердого тела
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Металлы и сплавы
Смешивание (порошков и пр.), разделение (сортировка, фильтрация)
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Предпочитаемые страны
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Тип искомого партнера
Industrial or academic with proven hands-on experience (no theoretical or speculative approaches)
Область деятельности партнера
Non-ferrous metals, zinc alloy powders, alkaline batteries, ...
Задачи, стоящие перед партнером
provide the multinational with the requested technical solution or help the multinational develop the solution (maximum 0-2 year timeline)
Дополнительная информация
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Данные отсутствуют
Размер организации / фирмы
  • 50-250 сотрудников

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