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Улучшенная технология обработки поверхности, открывающая новые возможности на рынке алюминия и магния
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Аннотация предложения
A UK SME has developed a surface treatment process for aluminium and magnesium which offers significant advantages over existing processes in terms of hardness, wear resistance, adhesion strength and thermal protection, and which also serves as a pre-treatment in further coating systems. The company has a wide range of existing end users, but is looking for potential new end-users or metal coatings companies interested in evaluating the technology with a view to a license agreement.
Описание предложения
Many industry sectors such as tooling & moulding, aerospace, elite sport, consumer aesthetics, and precision equipment manufacture are developing ever-more demanding applications for aluminium and magnesium.

Many of these applications are either enabled or can be significantly enhanced by improving the surface performance of these metals.

This has driven the development of commercial technologies for improving the surface properties of these alloys, such as abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, hardness, and paint adhesion.

The UK company’s process is an enabling technology that can lighten the weight of components and assemblies, especially in challenging environments. This technology has been used on a wide range of components, enabling the use of lightweight aluminium and magnesium components to operate in applications where steel components would normally be used, resulting in cost and weight savings.
For example, the aluminium pressure vessels used to protect a range of expensive sub-sea seismic instruments is treated with one of the company’s duplex systems for corrosion protection. Another of the company’s products has been widely adopted on winches for racing yachts, where it offers significant performance enhancement over hard anodized coatings. A third variant finds a great number of applications in motorsport, including wear protection on valve and piston surfaces. A further example of the use of the technology is in the treatment of cookware where scratch resistant surfaces are desirable and the technology provides the perfect base for topcoats.
Инновационные аспекты предложения
The UK company offers solutions based on its world-leading capability in a technology called Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO). The company’s patented processes deliver greatly enhanced surface performance at relatively low cost compared to technologies such as thermal spraying or vacuum-based surface processing. The process is also an environmentally friendly alternative to many alternative corrosion protection technologies such as chromating or nickel plating. The PEO process converts the metal surface into a hard, well-adhered and corrosion resistant oxide layer.

The outer layer is porous and provides an excellent adhesive base for subsequent finishing with topcoat such as PTFE.

• Extreme hardness and wear resistance: On aluminium, surface hardnesses of 1,000-2,000 HV are typically achieved. In combination with excellent substrate adhesion and coating compliance, wear performance is typically far superior to that of hard anodizing. On magnesium, hardnesses of 400-600 HV are typically achieved, with a 20 times higher wear resistance than bare magnesium.
• High corrosion resistance: Many of the existing applications are based on demanding corrosion resistance requirements. Performance is demonstrated in accelerated corrosion tests. For instance, in B117 salt spray tests, the treatment offers protection for over 1,000 hours of exposure for magnesium and over 2,000 hours for aluminium.
• Dimensional predictability: Typical layer thicknesses are in the range of tens of microns, depending on the application and customer requirements. Both in-growth and out-growth occur, with a net rate of about 2 microns per minute which can be precisely and repeatably controlled.
• Electrical insulation: For some applications, coatings with dielectric strengths of over 2,500 V (AC) have been designed.
• Excellent thermal resistance: Can withstand thermal shock, thermal cycling in ranges over 500°C and brief exposure to temperatures well above the melting point of the substrate alloy.
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Закалка, термообработка
Обработка поверхностей (окраска, гальваника, полировка, химическое и физическое осаждение из газовой фазы)
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Already on the market in a wide range of applications and in a wide range of industrial sectors. Patented worldwide. The technology for the process is supported by confidential know-how.
Краткие коды рыночных применений
Рыночные применения
Chemicals and Materials
Coatings and adhesives manufactures
Speciality/performance materials: producers and fabricators
Speciality metals (including processes for working with metals)
The technology is applicable to a range of industries including, but not limited to:
• Tooling & Moulding
• Elite sports (e.g. motorsport, boat racing)
• Aerospace (e.g. aircraft parts)
• Aesthetic finishes (e.g., architectural and consumer products)
• Precision equipment (e.g. semiconductor, electronics technologies)
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