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Защита человека от неблагоприятного биологического, химического или экологического воздействия

Номер профиля: ТЗ-93
Аннотация запроса
A global household, personal care and OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceutical products group with offices in the UK is currently seeking technologies and delivery systems that provide improved "personal" protection (for the skin/hair, respiratory system/mucus membranes and/or clothing etc.) from one or more undesirable agents found in everyday life, via chemical, physical or biological means to ultimately lead to increased wellbeing. The company is seeking academics or companies for licensing or joint development.
Описание запроса
Many current consumer products focus on treatment and relief from the symptoms of an “attack” on the human system e.g. allergens, rather than prevention/mitigation of the “attack” in the first instance. What are sought in this instance are technologies or delivery systems to provide proactive protection from external noxious/undesirable elements, thus preventing or reducing the onset of symptoms.

These noxious or undesirable elements could include:
• Allergens (Aspiration allergens: dust, pollen, ticks/fleas, VOCs; & Contact allergens: metals, liquids, irritants),
• Germs (Illness causing bacteria, viruses, moulds),
• Odours (smoke, body, pet, staleness, environmental i.e. cooking),
• Pollutants (NOx, SOx, exhaust fumes, etc.),
• Abrasion (prevention and/or minimisation of scratches, scrapes and cuts),
• Environmental (heat, cold, dryness, humidity/moisture, UV/light, static electricity).

Protection could be afforded to:
• Respiratory tract,
• Mouth/throat,
• Skin,
• Immune system,
• Clothing.
Технические спецификации/Особые технические требования запроса
Successful agents should be suitable for incorporation into existing household, personal care or pharmaceutical formulations (where applicable) with no detectable deterioration in primary performance. The beneficial function of the active species must also be achievable in the presence of current product components (e.g. acidity, moisture, surfactants etc.), under expected product usage conditions and methods of delivery, and should be considered a significant benefit to the consumer.

Additional Supporting Data required for pharmaceutical applications:

• In-vitro data to demonstrate release profiles (concentration/mass released vs. time) of actives. This should have been performed in physiological fluids for equivalency.

It would be advantageous to also demonstrate the following:

• In-vivo data that show correlation with in-vitro studies – to demonstrate the release potential of the actives.

The materials should also meet the following requirements for incorporation into a consumer product:

1) Compatible with typical Healthcare/Household product packaging e.g. HDPE, PET, and final formulation expected to be stable under global ambient temperature and humidity conditions for a period of 2 years.
2) Not require storage or handling under special or inert conditions, e.g. under nitrogen or under oil.
3) Soluble or readily dispersed in the formulations and not negatively affecting or interfering with the properties of other components in the formulation.
4) Able to be incorporated into current products using simple batch mixing at room temperature and atmospheric pressure with minimal heating/cooling and no or minimal changes required to current clean-down processes.
5) Not be harmful for human use (not classified or suspected to be a toxin, carcinogen, mutagen, irritating to the human respiratory system) with respect to the concentrations used in the final product. Not harmful to the environment (including not being a photo-reactive volatile organic compound).
6) Ideally offer scope for patent protection with the desired application and format.
7) Not negatively affecting the efficacy or aesthetics of the final product.
8) Ingredients should be Reach supported.
Технологические ключевые слова
Экологическая медицина, социальная медицина, спортивная медицина
Пластики и резины, связанные с химической технологией и техникой
Уход за телом, гигиена, красота
Текстильная технология
Загрязнение воздуха /обработка воздуха
Краткие коды рыночных применений
  • Промышленное производство
  • Химическая промышленность
Биологические науки
  • Медикаменты/ Косметика
Сельскохозяйственные/морские ресурсы/продукты
  • Сельское и лесное хозяйство
Рыночные применения
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Тип требующегося сотрудничества
  • Лицензионное соглашение
Предпочитаемые страны
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Область деятельности партнера
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Задачи, стоящие перед партнером
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