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Разделение активных или несовместимых материалов в жидкой смеси в единой упаковке

Номер профиля: ТЗ-73
Аннотация запроса
Глобальная группа, работающая в сфере домашнего хозяйства, здоровья и персонального ухода, с офисами в Великобритании, ищет метод смешивания двух несовместимых и/или взаимодействующих ингредиентов в единой упаковке, в идеале – одна бутылка с одной камерой, чтобы ингредиенты хранились отдельно и стабильно до момента использования. Исходный текст: "A global household, health and personal care group with offices in the UK is currently seeking a method to incorporate two incompatible and/or reactive ingredients into a single liquid aqueous formulation application - ideally one bottle with a single chamber with the ingredients to be kept apart, and stable until the point of use."
Описание запроса
An example could be oxygenated bleaches and alkali solutions, each active deals with a different application/solution. Such products are currently only available in twin chamber/twin pack products. The combination of two or more components provides for more effective products that perform better than single compound products.

The alkaline formulation and the peroxide are stable when combined for long enough to allow both components to function as required when combined at the point of use, but they are not stable enough to be packaged together in a single formulation. At present these types of products are packaged in a dual-chamber bottle that holds the alkali formulation and the peroxide separate. Significant cost savings and convenience would be possible if the alkali and the peroxide could be incorporated into a single formulation such that they could be packaged in a single chamber bottle.

Many colloidal systems (emulsions, vesicles, etc.) are currently unsuitable for this function as they provide insufficient levels of protection for incompatible ingredients, are unstable, are in dynamic equilibrium and exchange their core contents, or are too expensive, or leak and allow actives to diffuse out.

The system should ideally be able to segregate/protect hydrophilic actives in an aqueous matrix and, as a second priority, hydrophobic actives in an aqueous environment.

The ingredients or system identified must be capable of sitting in the pack for long periods of time (up to 2 years) without reacting or leaking into each other.

The systems must also be capable of allowing the 2 segregated ingredients to mix on exit from the pack. The product may be sprayed or wiped onto a surface or may be diluted in water, so systems need to be capable of combining and releasing the actives in either or both of these consumer-use situations. The triggers that are available for this mixing may be mechanical (e.g. shear from wiping or rubbing a surface, or from the nozzle of the pack, etc.), physical (e.g. heat) or chemical (e.g. osmotic shock, pH change, salinity change, etc.).

The format of the final product is an issue here as powders and tablets already act as segregation systems, as the active is not solvated or available for reaction until use. Liquid based systems are the key need.
Технические спецификации/Особые технические требования запроса
The materials should also meet the following requirements for incorporation into a consumer product:

- Compatible with typical household product packaging e.g. HDPE, PET, and final formulation expected to be stable under global ambient temperature and humidity conditions for a period of 2 years.
- Not require storage or handling under special or inert conditions, e.g. under nitrogen or under oil.
- Soluble or readily dispersed in the formulations and not negatively affecting or interfering with the properties of other components in the formulation.
- Able to be incorporated into current products using simple batch mixing at room temperature and atmospheric pressure with minimal heating/cooling and no or minimal changes required to current clean-down processes.
- Not be harmful for human use (not classified or suspected to be a toxin, carcinogen, mutagen, irritating to the human respiratory system) with respect to the concentrations used in the final product. Not harmful to the environment (including not being a photo-reactive volatile organic compound).
- Ideally offer scope for patent protection with the desired application and format.
- Not negatively affecting the efficacy or aesthetics of the final product.
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