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Технологии, материалы и методы для сокращения энергопотребления холодильными установками

Номер профиля: ТЗ-137
Аннотация запроса
A UK company that manufactures refrigeration units is looking for IP protected technologies, materials and processes to reduce energy consumption whilst retaining or improving customer experience. They are interested in making the cabinet more efficient and not the refrigeration process. The company has resources for development and can access global markets. Partners for technical co-operation or commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought. The nature of the agreement may vary. The solutions may come from very diverse sectors.
Описание запроса
A UK company manufactures, and sells on several continents, refrigeration units, e.g. freezers and chillers maintaining temperatures down to -18ºC. These store and display chilled and frozen foods in supermarkets, shops, retail outlets, etc.
There is a need for bringing down the energy costs whilst retaining or improving the customer experience – making the unit more informative, products easier to view and quicker to access. Whilst the primary interest is for static units used for Point-of-sale (POS), there is also a potential application for portable/mobile units used for distribution.
The company is NOT interested in reviewing new refrigeration processes, but is interested in ways to make the cabinet/enclosure more effective and efficient. Technologies sought should either bring down the energy consumption, or increase capacity of a unit at similar consumption levels, or make products easier and quicker to view and reach for.
Physical/chemical/electronic technologies are all of potential interest, if by applying a single technology or synergistic effect they can enable a step-change in performance. The company is interested in both close-to-market solutions and long term technologies requiring investment, to enable design of next-generation products with fundamentally reduced energy requirements.
Some relevant technology areas are listed below, but this is not exhaustive:
- Permanent coatings/films/surface finishes – for glass, metal and plastic (for example - hydrophobic, sacrificial, nano-coatings, ice-phobic)
Prevent condensation/fogging
Prevent build-up of frost/ice
Reduce cleaning through use of antibacterial/hygiene coatings
Increase reflectivity of glass to reduce UV/heat
- Insulation (cabinet walls, glass lids/doors, cooling processor) to reduce heat transfer (for example - multi-layer, vacuum insulated panels, aerogels, hollow particles, improved foams)
Passive/active insulating materials and similar advanced techniques
Improved seals to prevent loss of cold air and ingress of warm air
- Electronic/other related technologies such as:
Lighting - low or no energy lighting, e.g. LED, fibre-optic, etc
Smart advertising/displays
Switch transparency of glass for viewing/protection
Control humidity caused by opening/closing
Air circulation
Active de-icing of surfaces, coils, etc.
Технические спецификации/Особые технические требования запроса
The materials, technologies or products should have protected or protectable IP.
They should be applicable for a wide range of environments with varying external temperature, humidity, etc.
Технологические ключевые слова
Рациональное использование энергии
Технология материалов
Краткие коды рыночных применений
  • Технология материалов
Рыночные применения
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Тип требующегося сотрудничества
  • Техническая кооперация
  • Дальнейшие исследования
  • Лицензионное соглашение
Предпочитаемые страны
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Тип искомого партнера
industry or academia
Область деятельности партнера
not really relevant as the listed solutions may come from different sectors
Задачи, стоящие перед партнером
Interested parties are invited to send a brief non-confidential description of any proposed opportunity, including technical and marketing advantages and initial suggestions on possible methods of co-operation
Дополнительная информация
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Данные отсутствуют
Размер организации / фирмы
  • 50-250 сотрудников
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