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Разработка легко очищаемой фильтровальной ткани

Номер профиля: ТЗ-116
Аннотация запроса
A small Dutch company is a supplier of industrial filtration products. The company wants to enhance the performance of textile fabrics for liquid filtration by means of nanotechnology, either by coating the filaments with a compound or changing the master batch from which filaments are extruded. The company is looking for a cooperation to realize this product.
Описание запроса
To meet higher client needs, the company wants to enhance the cake release of filter cloths and prolong the cloth cleaning interval. The cloth contact surface, also called cake side, is prone to blind and foul due to the often sticky nature of the product to be filtered. Once enough filter cake has been built up on the cloth surface, it must be released from the cloth surface. The less solids remain on the cloth surface, the better it is.

Usually the cake has to be scraped from the cloth and the cloth surface has to be cleaned with a high pressure jet in order to re-establish an acceptable performance. By scraping and jetting the cloth, the cake side deteriorates over time. A long lasting coating or an anti-stick additive to the plastic filament is the goal to be achieved.
Технические спецификации/Особые технические требования запроса
The cloths are usually made of polypropylene or polyamide. The weight of the textile fabric is around 300 up to 600 grams per square meter. The width of the cloths to be coated, available on roll, is limited to a maximum of 2,100 mm. The coating or performance chemicals should be preferably resistant against low and high pH-values as well as temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius.
Технологические ключевые слова
Современные текстильные материалы
Пластики, полимеры
Краткие коды рыночных применений
  • Технология материалов
Рыночные применения
Industrial liquid filtration for all type of filter systems: filter presses, vacuum filters, candle filters, belt filters, etc.

Markets: chemical industry, pharmaceutics, bio science and food&beverage.
Тип требующегося сотрудничества
  • Техническая кооперация
Предпочитаемые страны
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Тип искомого партнера
research institute, industrial partner (supplier of chemicals
Область деятельности партнера
material technology and chemistry, coating properties
Задачи, стоящие перед партнером
additional knowledge and expertise to add to clients already existing skills, knowledge and expertise
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