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Новый метод магнитной сепарации водомасляных эмульсий
Номер профиля: ТП-67
Аннотация предложения
Израильское малое предприятие изготовило и испытало пробный магнитный сепаратор, в частности, для использования в технологии сепарации оливкового масла. Метод магнитной сепарации сочетает преимущества гравитационной сепарации (высокое качество) и сепарации в центрифуге (высокая эффективность и пропускная способность). Компания ищет партнеров по разработке, применению и продвижению на рынке. Исходный текст: "An Israeli SME has produced and tested a pilot magnetic separator, particularly for use in olive oil separation technology. The magnetic separation method combines advantages of gravitational separation (high quality) and centrifugal separation (high efficiency and throughput). The company is looking for development, application, and marketing partners."
Описание предложения
Three main methods for olive oil separation are known in the industry: traditional method (olive press known for 5000 years), decanter centrifugation, and the Sinolea method (This method is based on a very simple law of physics: liquids with different molecular cohesion have different surface tensions. Therefore, when a blade is plunged into a mixture of oil and water, only the oil sticks to the blade, thus separating the oil from the pulp without using pressure.)
Traditional method disadvantages are difficult cleaning, non continuous process with waiting periods thus exposing the olive paste to the action of oxygen and light, requires more manual labor, longer time period from harvest to pressing.
Decanter centrifugation disadvantages are high cost, more technical labor required, high energy consumption, pomace may end up moist, greater amount of vegetable water to be disposed of, reduced antioxidants due to added water, and subject to wear from rocks, grit.
The Sinolea method’s main disadvantage is that it often must be combined with one of the above methods in order to maximise oil extraction which requires more space and labor.

The Israeli SME has developed a new method for oil separation which solves most of the existing problems relating to the existing technologies. The method is based on usage of magnetic filter and proposes high quality of oil, low cost of separation, compact and cheap machinery, energy saving, and high efficiency equipment.
A pilot magnetic separator exhibits throughput of 200 l/h and provided oil separation efficiency of 95-99% for emulsion with initial oil concentration of 0.1-2% at filtration velocity of 20 to 100 m/h.
The separator design provides collection of the oil phase in the upper part of the apparatus from which oil can be periodically removed to oil collector.
Инновационные аспекты предложения
The method is based on usage of magnetic filter and proposes high quality of oil, low cost of separation, compact and cheap machinery, energy saving, and high efficiency equipment.

A uniform porous body built from an auxiliary ferromagnetic material is formed in the cavity of separator under external magnetic field. This system reveals high penetrability for water (low hydraulic resistance) while it captures and withholds the disperse oil phase of oil in water emulsion.

The auxiliary ferromagnetic material (AFM) can be selected from class of magnetic oxides in the form of a fine powder with size ranging 0.1 to 1 micron. Suspended layer of these particles is formed in the internal cavity of magnetic separator prior to separation process by transferring suspension of magnetic powder through the separator. After formation of the suspended magnetic layer oil separation process is started.

The magnetic filter is likening to pre-coat filter widely used in water treatment technology differing from the latter by using magnetic powder. The advantage of the magnetic filter is that it can be easily regenerated by switching off magnetic field and backwashing it with small quantity of water.
Главные преимущества предложения
The proposed method for magnetic separation of oil-water emulsions has the following advantages:
• Contrary to centrifugal separation used at present it allows gravitational separation of oil which provides a higher quality of oil.
• The method is low energy consuming due to use of permanent magnets and low energy consumption for pumping the emulsion.
• Contrary to traditional gravitational separation the magnetic separation is characterised by high velocity and, accordingly by high throughput of the process.
• In addition magnetic filter can be easily regenerated while the magnetic filter material has long life time See details above: higher quality of oil and lower energy consumption compared to centrifuges, higher efficiency compared to traditional gravitational separation.
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