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Прибор для он-лайн измерения химической потребности в кислороде
Номер профиля: ТП-63
Аннотация предложения
Испанская исследовательская группа разработала автоматическое устройство для измерения химической потребности в кислороде в оперативном режиме (on-line). Оно полностью автоматическое и легкое в управлении. Разработанное устройство обеспечивает существенное уменьшение времени реакции по сравнению со стандартными методами. Это уменьшение возможно потому, что для нагрева используется СВЧ-излучение. Разработчик ищет партнеров для передачи конструкции устройства, технологии изготовления или прототипа устройства любой заинтересованной компании или учреждению. Исходный текст: "A Spanish reseach group has developed an automatic device to measure Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) on-line. It's a fully automated and easy-to-handle equipment. The developed device provide a significant reduction in the reaction time compared with standard methods. This reduction is due to the fact that microwave radiation is used as the heating method. The developer is seeking partners to transfer the design, know-how or prototype of this device, to any company or institution interested."
Описание предложения
COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is a widely known parameter used to measure water quality. It is a measure of water pollution resulting from organic matter. This parameter is defined as the amount of oxygen required, or equivalent, for the oxidation of all chemically oxidyzable matter contained in a water sample.

The common method employed to obtain COD value is known as the Standard Method. In this method a know excess of potassium dichromate is used as the oxidizing agent and the sample is heated with a Hach digestor for approximately two hours. The main problem of this method is the low efficiency of the heating method used to heat the reaction mixture and, hence, the time of reaction is too long.

The COD automatic measurement device, developed by the research group, can obtain the value of this parameter just in 10 minutes. This significant reduction in the reaction time is due to the fact that microwave radiation is used as the heating method.

The device is fully automated and controlled by PC. A specific software has been developed for this application. The software is user-friendly and allows the modification of all parameters individually.

The specific software designed to control automatically this device contains several subroutines for each step: sample COD measurement; system calibration with standards, etc. Each subroutine is also divided in different stages of: sample and reagents loading; heating; measuring; cleaning, etc. Every parameter involved in each of these stages can be modified. These possibilities facilitates to adapt the program to the specific characteristics of different water samples. This is a notorious advantage, as it allows to measure the COD value of different samples (fresh water, waste water, etc) just by modifying the programme parameters.

Measuring time: between 12 and 15 minutes, depending on each sample.
Sample maximum concentration: 15.000 mg O2/L.
System Calibration Frequency: daily
Инновационные аспекты предложения
The COD automatic measurement device, developed by the research group, can obtain the value of this parameter just in 10 minutes. This significant reduction in the reaction time is due to the fact that microwave radiation is used as the heating method.
Главные преимущества предложения
• Significant reduction in the reaction time, in contrast with the conventional method.
• Fully automated, flexible and easy-to-handle equipment.
• Absence of chloride ions interference up to a concentration of 8.000 ppm
• Useful for all kinds of water samples, including hardly oxidizing samples such as phenolic samples. It can measure up to 3.000 ppm of phenols.
• No previous system for sample treating or conditioning is required.
• Produces a small amount of waste and the use of Hg salts is not required due to the absence of chloride ions interference.
Технологические ключевые слова
Аналитическая химия
Методы обнаружения и анализа
Пищевая микробиология / токсикология / контроль качества
Текущая стадия развития
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Права интеллектуальной собственности
  • Секретное know-how
Даты и номера имеющихся патентов
The researcher owns the design and manufacturing know-how of this COD automatic measurement device.
Краткие коды рыночных применений
  • Химическая промышленность
Окружающая среда
  • Защита окружающей среды
Рыночные применения
COD automatic measurement device can be used for the analysis of any waste water stream, both in continuous or in batch. Due to its high level of flexibility, automatization and simplicity of handling this device can be used in at-line, on-line and in-line modes. It can be applied to waste water treatment and purification plants, urban as well as industrial, and to the control of processes that made use of waste waters in which the quality of water is critical.
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