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Технология обработки цифрового сигнала в режиме реального времени, частотно-временная синхронизация и разработка новых технологий для комплексных систем
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Аннотация предложения
An Italian SME specialized in Digital Signal Processing, broadcasting products and time-frequency synchronization (geopositioning), is now developing a project about a complex system that could manage with remote control, many kinds of objects (traffic lights, street lamps, etc.), using just one protocol that permits the constant monitoring of all the objects by a central system. The company seeks partnership for commercial agreements and/or technical cooperation and joint development.
Описание предложения
The SME develops, produces and sells real time apparatus with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology in automation and control field. The technology available was implemented in many different areas with high level of customization with reasonable costs. The numerical control allows the development of reliable apparatus for wide-spreading: from broadcasting to oil-industry plant engineering.

Thereby, the System Integrator business has been the natural consequence of the SME, by virtue of ability to supply complete blocks of apparatus that are able to manage and realize process chains. This activity has permitted the finalization of management & control and measure embedded systems completely automated and remotized. Thanks to many years of experience gained in DSP and time-frequency applications, in partnership with the mains italian TV stations, the new project will apply this skills for geopositioning and remote control of many kinds of objects. The goal is using geopositioning and a standard well-supported client-server communication protocol, with a read/write text file able of describe object interface in terms of variables in order to manage univocally the system. This implies a architectural simplification (just one protocol and one interface).

Furthermore, this technology could be applied to static or mobile objects (like Personal Digital Assistant), and one of the possibles business area is the public utilities of municipalities. Actually the SME is presenting the project by some municipalities in northern Italy area and it is in negotiation.
Инновационные аспекты предложения
The technology of the company is strongly DSP based. This gives many advantages respect to analog technology. First, the DSP and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) devices are easier to use and configure, more quick to realize, furthermore they permits real time signal analysis and are cheaper and accurate. The philosophy of the company is also based on that idea: it is possible to obtain various applications from an apparatus without changing the hardware, but just changing the software.

The consequence is the actual project idea that, based on the developed technologies, retains necessary use a IP-based universal protocol able to interact with any apparatus on the territory, without neglect the security and ease of use and management. The protocol is applicable on all devices: for those that does not support natively the protocol, is enough configure a intermediate proxy. The project could read as getting over of the actual fragmentation of the actual devices presents in cities and municipalities.

Whereas the technology (Hardware & Software) is often connect to the producing company, this is proposing as solution of that problem, because the pre-existing apparatus could remain unchanged. From user's point of view, the real complexity of the system is hidden, and the management results intuitive.
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Технологические ключевые слова
Обработка сигналов
Спутниковые технологии / системы / позиционирование / коммуникации в GPS – Системе Глобального Позиционирования
Встроенные системы и системы реального времени
Электронная техника
Цифровые системы, цифровое представление данных
Текущая стадия развития
  • Стадия разработки (НИР)
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  • Эксклюзивное право
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  • Электроника, микроэлектроника
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Радио- и телевещательные станции
Радио-телевещательное и связанное с ним оборудование
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TV and Radio station, metrology institutes and industries, municipality
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  • Техническая кооперация
  • Соглашение о совместном предприятии
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Тип искомого партнера
companies, research institutes, public bodies
Область деятельности партнера
TV and Radio station, metrology institutes and industries, municipality
Задачи, стоящие перед партнером
Testing, technical consultancy and collaboration to realize new products
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  • Исследовательский институт /Университет
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  • 50-250 сотрудников
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