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Инновационные методы производства антител, способных обнаруживать окисливающиеся белки
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A research group based in a South East UK University, and actively engaged in oxidation research, has developed specific hypotheses on how to generate antibodies to be used in the detection of oxidative stress. Such antibodies could be used both in terms of reagents for basic research and kits for clinical studies. The group seeks a biotechnology/pharmaceutical company already engaged in the production of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies to collaborate with to generate such antibodies.
Описание предложения
Post traslational modification plays a key role in regulating protein activity. Recently, a growing area has been that of the so-called redox regulation.

This implies that some proteins can be reversibly oxidised (in their cysteines) and that this modulates their activity. Various forms of post translational modifications exist but probably the most studied is protein glutathionylation, the formation of mixed disulfides with glutathione. By analogy with phosphorylation, a superfamily of enzymes (protein disulfide oxidoreductases: thioredoxins, glutaredoxins, protein disulfide isomerases) is implicated in catalysing or reversing glutathionylation reactions.

Phosphoproteins are normally studied and quantified using specific antibodies that recognise specific phosphorylated peptides. On the other hand, such reagents are extremely scarce for (reversibly) oxidatively modified proteins. In fact, most of the studies on glutathionylated proteins are done using anti-glutathione antibodies that are not specific for glutathionylated proteins but recognise also free glutathione, the reason being that a glutathionylated protein cannot be used as an antigen as such because the glutathione moiety would be immediately removed by reduction when injected in animals.

The research group has developed novel hypotheses on how to generate stable antigens to immunise animals and generate proteins that could be used to detect glutathionylated proteins, potentially even specific proteins. These would fill a technological gap in the toolbox of researchers studying redox regulation. The group would be in a position to design such antigens and test them for specificity. The research group is seeking an industrial partner to exploit the industrial/commercial aspects of their research.
Инновационные аспекты предложения
Innovative aspects / advantages of this technology

1) What are the novel and most appealing aspects of this technology? Possibility of making antigens to generate antibodies against oxidized proteins.
2) Lack of specificity of current antibodies used to detect glutathionylated proteins.
3) The antibodies would not only have a market for research scientists. Clinicians are in need of strong markers of oxidation that could be used on patient’s samples. In fact, oxidative stress is thought to occur in ageing as well as various chronic diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's; Parkinson's) and as a result of the exposure to environmental or occupational pollutant.
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Biotechnology / pharmaceutical company
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Biotechnology / pharmaceutical company engaged in antibody generation / research & development
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Generation of antibodies
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